Re: [LAU] Mac Mini? (or, am I an idiot?)

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To: Josh Lawrence <hardbop200@...>
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Date: Friday, May 18, 2012 - 10:32 pm

On 05/18/2012 11:40 PM, Leigh Dyer wrote:

+1 ;

no "Air" here, but we use Mini Macs running GNU/Linux a lot - especially
for exhibitions. The form-factor of those boxes is great to hide them in
various places on stage or in the space.

Asus EEEPCs or EEEboxes do that do; but the Institute here feels more
comfortable with ordering Macs. I hate that they pay Apple for their
bundled OS but I already fight enough uphill buerocratic battles with
the administration.. and Mini Macs are more powerful than those Atom
CPUs in the EEEs, so I don't complain.

>> From what I've been reading, getting this to work is a mix of BootCamp

"Disk Utility" in "Applications->Utilities" -- but `parted` can do it as
well, these days.

> install rEFIt, and then just boot from the install CD of your

That is if you want to dual (or triple) boot. If you only want
Gnu/Linux, you can directly boot from CD: press "C" when powering on. comes in handy "Startup key
combinations for Intel-based Macs".

> As long as your selected distro supports all of the hardware,

Debian/squeeze runs fine on various Mac Minis up to the last model from
2011. So most derivative distros should do, too.

These days even drivers for MacBook WiFi and iSight cameras are included
- IIRC the latter only in debian/non-free. It's easy to linuxify macs
these days.

have fun,
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