Re: [LAU] studioware equivalent for ardour or rosegarden on linux

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Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2012 - 4:56 am

On 16/05/12 14:21, Robin Paulson wrote:

I think Ctrlr is exactly what you're after. It's a MIDI control GUI that
lets you design control panels for synths, or load control panels others
have built for them. It runs as either a standalone app or as a VST
plugin, which should theoretically work in Ardour 3.

Unfortunately it only coincidentally has a Linux build -- it uses the
JUCE framework, which supports Linux, but the Ctrlr developers aren't
really familiar enough with Linux to maintain a proper port, so it
doesn't actually seem to work right now.

I feel like all it really needs is one Linux user that has the time and
the ability to maintain it. Hopefully someone here can answer that call!

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