[LAU] ddptools 0.8.7a released

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Date: Thursday, April 5, 2012 - 7:15 pm

Hello everyone,

I've released ddptools 0.8.7a, a set of command line programs to
create, read and export audio from DDP images. This release fixes a
potentially critical bug in the cue2ddp command and introduces some
minor enhancements:

* when verifying DDP checksums ddpinfo now searches the DDP
directory for checksums files, it supports a variety of file formats
and is known to woek with the checksums generated by md5sum,
ExactFile, Pyramix/Gear, SADiE, Sequoia, Sonoris, Wave Editor, and
DSP Quattro.

* for OSX ddptools now now comes as three-way universal binary
including i386, i86_64 and ppc (32bit)

Details are found at http://ddp.andreasruge.de.

Feedback and testing is very welcome!


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