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Date: Thursday, April 12, 2012 - 7:27 pm


Thanks for listening and commenting and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Melancholic beauty was what I was aiming for, so it's pleasing to know
that it is perceived in that way. I don't really listen to classical
music, but when I do I mostly steer towards the Romantic era though and
I do like Chopin.

Whilst Romantic in intent and inspiration (as in Romanticism, not
romantic love), in terms of execution I deliberately veered away from
what I see as excess that Romantic-style music sometimes displayes; the
last thing I wanted was for it to end up sounding schmaltzy.

I reigned in any temptation for the tempo to begin too high or for
excessive rubato, aiming for a slightly stiff or stilted feel. I don't
think I achieved this effect as well as I did during part of the writing
phase -- probably partly with lack of familiarity plus I wasn't terribly
well at the time and I think that helped the performance, but I wasn't
about to make myself ill again for the sake of art!

As for the sound, I generally am not fond of Steinways, much preferring
Bechsteins, Bosendorfers or Bluthners, but the Sampletekk Black Grand is
a very nice sounding instrument. I would love to have used my 1903
Bechstein but it's in need of tuning and I doubt I could do anything
approaching a decent job of recording it.

If anything, the Black Grand had a tendency toward a little too much
brightness for my liking for this piece, but was bearable. I took some
low end out (6 dB/octave from about 160 Hz IIRC) to tone down the
effects of my left hand and also for a bit of distance and also shelved
the mids (and bass by default), plus a slight dip in the low-mids, as
they were unruly and muddy. I suspect I'd have had to do some serious
EQing had I used my Bech as it's very warm and rich, probably far too
much so as this piece needs cold and iciness. I suspect I might have
been able to remove more of the mids, but was wary of overprocessing and
making the sound unnatural.

Also, bear in mind that this is not the sound of the BG out of the box,
I added small amounts of body, soundboard and other resonances from IRs.

I auditioned a lot of room and hall IRs before I settled on this one.
It's not too obvious (after highpassing it) and fairly nondescript and
unassuming -- it's there but doesn't draw attention to itself, away from
the piano, which is what I was after.

A few times lately whilst writing, I fired up the Native Instruments
Akoustik Piano as it loads far faster than the BG in Linuxsampler -- now
those are some seriously horrible sounding pianos, the Bechstein sounds
nothing like mine and the Steinway sounds nothing like the BG, they're
shrill, plasticky sounding bright... ugh. The BG feels, sorry no, sounds
like playing a real piano -- someone needs to invent an affordable
midi-controller that gives vibrational feedback through the keys, I miss
that and I'm not even much of a pianist.

Sorry for rambling. Anyway, thanks again for listening even if the
timbral choices weren't to your liking :-)



On 11/04/12 22:11, S. Massy wrote:

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