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Date: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 - 6:38 pm


Here's a short piano piece that I've written (I haven't come up with a
suitable title as yet). It was recorded and mixed in Ardour.

FLAC [13.4 MB]

OGG [ogg7, 5.4 MB]

MP3 [320 kbps, 10.8 MB]

I just wish I could play it more to my satisfaction, with better control
of the dynamics -- my left-handedness really gets in the way of an even
balance. But it's most of the way there and I eventually did a take
without hitting a wrong note, so I'm fairly satisfied.

I started writing it almost exactly three years ago. I delved back into
it a bit in the winter of 2010 and then picked it up again a few months
ago and after a concerted effort and a lot of work have finally managed
to complete it.

Comments welcome. Enjoy.


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