[LAU] csound segfaulting with the vco ladspa plugin

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Date: Friday, March 9, 2012 - 5:39 pm

Hello everyone!
I've been experimenting some with Fons' vco_pulse.so or blvco.so. Both have
the same plugins and I've tried both, but it realiably segfaults, without any
warning. There's nothing untoward in the messages, even with debugging for
dssiinit turned on. Has anyone else experienced that?
My csound version is 5.13 (beta) with with libsndfile 1.0.24-exp. It's
self-compiled. I've checked the example from the manual using the g2reverb.so
and that works.
Here's my minimal orchestra file:
< basic header info
sr = 44100 ; samplerate
kr = 4410 ; controller rate
ksmps = 10 ; sr/kr
nchnls = 2 ; number of channels i.e. stereo

gihandle dssiinit "blvco.so", 2, 1 ; init plugin 2 from blvco.so
; also turn on verbose mode

instr act ; instrument for plugin activation (this always needs to be done!)
dssiactivate gihandle, 1

instr 1 ; instrument for the work
afreq init 200 ; set up an audio signal for frequency control, this must be
; an audio signal, this is set to 200 statically
a0 init 0 ; have an audio signal just saying 0
a1 init 1 ; have an audio signal fixed at 1
; set all teh control ports (we first have 5 audio inputs starting at 0)
; the last parameter tells us to set this value immediately
dssictls gihandle, 5, 0, 1 ; octave
dssictls gihandle, 6, 0, 1 ; tune
dssictls gihandle, 7, 0, 1 ; exp FM
dssictls gihandle, 8, 0, 1 ; lin FM
dssictls gihandle, 9, 0, 1 ; wave form
dssictls gihandle, 10, 0, 1 ; form mode
dssictls gihandle, 11, 1, 1 ; lp filter
aout dssiaudio gihandle, afreq, a1, a0, a0, a0 ; create audio output
; all the a0's are for the remaining audio inputs
outs aout, aout ; output the stereo signal

The score file would be:
i "act" 0 2 ; initialise the plugin
i1 1 3 ; get some audio output
e ; finish score

Any ideas? Is it perhaps repeatable?
Warm regards and thanks

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