Re: [LAU] Music made with Linux: What happened in the middle?

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Date: Monday, March 5, 2012 - 10:19 am

On Sun, 04 Mar 2012 23:52:08 +1000, Julien Claassen

> Hi Stuzz!

While listening to this song, I wonder if you might have been thinking of
the album as a whole and asking yourself "What happened in the middle?" ;)

> I can see, why you would like from the flames so much. Pitty, that

From the Flames was 2nd to Around You. Overall on the whole album I was
most critical about the vocals, and I was most happiest with the vocals on
Around You and in general, it's loud and soft dynamics. From the Flames
ended up with my favorite riff... the one I eventually sing "It won't
happen again" over (that's why I repeated it so often :)) Don't get me
wrong though, I like all the songs in there own way. Growling is on my
list of things to work on.

> the only thing, that is a pitty about the production, is that you

The funny thing is, the further I pushed the vocals into the background,
the happy with them I became :) However, I've received quite positive
feedback for them so I'll be sure to take your suggestions into
consideration for the future.

> :-) I'm sure he will enjoy it even more. thanks for sharing this, I

I had a good time working on the album, and have continued to record a few
bits and pieces since. Of course my next release will be another "Music
made with Linux" post in here.

Thanks Julien.


PS. I'm not sure how the visually impaired would like their responses
formatted. So I apologize if the above is irksome.
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