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Date: Thursday, March 29, 2012 - 3:32 pm

Hello Gabbe!
Nice music. Deep 7 gives me a kick of reminiscing over the 90s. Although
perhaps even a few years after my time of being really into 90s music.
Pulse KLAR has much more 2000s feeling to it. Maybe because of the chosen
sounds. I think I heard quite a bit of these pulse/square wavey sounds in
recent years and the drum sounds rather fit the bill as well.
I don't know, why I really like them, perhaps it's the Skandinavian
atmosphere, the touch of nothern hands and ears. :-) It is rather heavily
compressed, but especially for Pulse KLAR this works very well. At the same
time in that song it sometimes does harm to the arrangement. When the
tambourine came in, I had the feeling, that it could have done with a highpass
filter or a higher cutoff frequency, since I suspect, you already used some HP
filtering. The bass doing so much in the way of stereo movement later on is
not very compatible with the compression. It muddles the piece a great deal. I
like the effects applied to the bass as well as to the other instruments, but
the bass would have been better of in the middle or the compression taken down
at the "bass solo". At the beginnig of Pulse KLAR I had the feeling - for an
instant -, that this song brought back nostalgia of old Atari and Amiga times.
Which synths did you use to record these? You mentioned Hydrogen in a way of
sequencing, I suppose this also included the samples being played by hydrogen?
What were the other synths involved? Software or hardware? Which compressor
did you use, it sounds very well suited to achieve, what I call the American
sound, as found in some of the recent Britney Spears materials from the Femme
Fatal album. It is really a very close fit. Yes, it's all of that, which makes
the sound, but the bahviour of the compression struck me, when I listened to
it. I suppose it can be reached with any odd well-written compressor, yet no
harm in asking. :-) The drumkit, that you used: Is that something, one can
easily lay hands on? I mean the kit used for Pulse KLAR.
It seems much of that mail has been busy with Pulse. perhaps because of the
negative criticism put into it, while maintaining, that I still like it a lot.
:-) Hm, maybe here's another one for Deep 7: What did you use to process and
trigger the voice samples?
Warm regards and thanks for sharing these

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