Re: [LAU] Guitarix release 0.22beta1

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To: David Baron <d_baron@...>
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Date: Sunday, March 25, 2012 - 10:03 am

Am 25. März 2012 11:00 schrieb David Baron :


hmm... what I really wanted to see was the output of the failed build and
the corresponding configure command but my wording was not clear enough..
Anyhow from the log I see that the compile was successful, so I hope the
program now works for you too :-)

Btw., we have found a bug which leads to switches in the rack units not
being set after starting the program (effectively changing the loaded state
and scratch presets), so I'll make a beta2 release. Downloading and re-compiling
is recommended...

Many thanks to you and all the people testing the beta release, without them
we would not be able to reach a solid release.

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