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To: Rustom Mody <rustompmody@...>
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Date: Friday, March 23, 2012 - 5:22 pm

Hi Rustom!
First your iamp at 44100 is rather high. Try 15000 or anything up to 32768.
Or investigate the 0dbfs header statement for giving volume in DB.
How did you call csound? With that file, youshould do:
csound -W -o out.wav test.csd (or whatever you call your file).
Better still, put something like this in the CsOptions block:
-W -o out.wav
This will generate an out.wav fie.
The essential thing, which is still missing, is the ftable, to hold the
sinewav, that the oscil opcode (a simple oscillator) will output. It doesn't
hold its own waveform, but read it from a function table. So in the CsScore
section start with:
f1 0 32768 10 1 ; ftable 1, don't know the second, but it's almost always 0
:-), the third is the number of entries, the quality or resolution of your
waveform (32768 points to form a single sinewave, 10 is the number of the
function generator, which in this case is a sine generator and 1 is its first
parameter. Says: Create the first harmonic, or whatever. You can look those up
in the csound manual as well. Probably search for gen01 to see, where the list
starts. GEN 9, 10 and 19 are the ones for sinewaves, if I'm not mistaken. But
this one is the easiest.
If that doesn't help, we can see about it off-list, since then it might get
really specific to your subject. :-) You're welcome to send me CSD-files or if
you really get interested in csound as a tool, which is good for teaching all
sorts of music related stuff, you might subscribe to the csound user's list.
Warm regards

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