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Date: Sunday, March 11, 2012 - 8:43 pm

Hello everyone and Fons in particular!
OK, it is rather late to give feedback, but I just managed to get some use
out of these ladspa plugins.
I was especially experimenting with the unique ID 1954, REC-vco plugin. When
I didn't get the expected result with the sync audio input port, I hunted for
the readme and tried to check, if I perhaps thought it was for a different
purpose and then I saw, that at the time it was thought to be experimental.
So: is the sync port for a typical sync'ed osciallator sound? I tried
different things with it and either got no result or harsh sounding results,
that sounded more like some sort of ringmod or FM, i.e. in this case
destructive. :-)
I fed the audio signal from another oscillator into it, starting at the same
pitch and going up. Result: a short uncertainty in the beginning, as if a
short env had been applied to the pitch and then this FM-ish sound.
I treid to feed a straight line into it going slowly from 1 to pitch. No
good at all. Well, it was just to make sure. :-)
Another thing I'm not too sure about the the waveform control input. I
changed its value from -1 to 1 in a straight line and no effect.
But thanks for these osciallators. They now not only look like interesting
and helpful gear, they are!
Warm regards

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