Re: [LAU] My JX-8P is dead, any SW based synth that can handle the heritage? :-(

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Date: Sunday, March 11, 2012 - 9:06 am

Julien, those controllers are a good point. The KORG nanoKONTROL is very
cheap, I own one since around 1 year, but never used it, anyway, it's
known to work with Linux. If the OP has got some iThingy, there's a
MIDI-Wi-Fi driver for Linux, unfortunately I still try to get Wi-Fi
working on my machine. I assume that Wi-Fi for other Linux users does
work ;D. FWIW, IIRC for mono Calf Monosynth and for poly Phasex can
emulate some vintage synth, but still not the output of CEM chips.

Hm? Mr. Smith still has got CEM chips, anyway, what happens if you need
to replace such a chip?

Full ACK Al. We only can buy second hand analog synth that are less old
and that might still last for a while. If needed I would try to get
something similar to a Minimoog out of my Oberheim Matrix-1000, but for
doing this I need to get my Atari ST working again or I need to run
Apple, Microsoft.

Since my TG33 is borked, I hope we get some soft synth for vector
control. The TG33 sounds without the vector control are less good than
many soft synth, just the vector control adds a special quality that
can't be produced with Linux soft synth, so theoretical it should be
possible to get an TG33 emulator that is better than the original. The
TG33 hasn't good samples and the FM synthesis isn't comparable to my
DX7, but the TG33's FM synthesis might be comparable to the output of

James, Whysynth is very useful, but completely no help to get something
Roland like. YMMV!

An interesting and scary thread.


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