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Date: Saturday, February 4, 2012 - 9:00 pm

Hi all,

Gathering by the short shrift the last piece of Indie pop received
that was aired here, I guess many of you won't like this, but thought
I would share it anyway ;) (mainly because it's the first cross-OS
piece I have been involved in, despite thinking this would be a really
good way of working for several years now).

It's a demo for the band I play in at the moment ("River Fury"), and
still in the process of polishing/improving. The song was written by
the lead singer/songwriter, and he recorded the vocals and guitars in
Garageband on his Mac. I recorded the drums and bass (and mixing) in
qtractor under Linux. Drums were played live and recorded thru midi
driving linuxsampler. Bass was played direct in via a zoom B2.1U.
Apologies for the mistakes in playing, but as I said, it does need
more work. I personally feel the vocals are a little too clean at the
moment for the style of music - but that is Dan's call - not much I
can do about that, and the drums are a bit on the boring side (which I
can do a bit about - up to the rather low limits of my ability). Would
appreciate feedback in its current state and thoughts on improvements
to the composition and mix.

My experience has been pretty positive from the Linux side this time.
Qtractor behaved nicely, but I was getting some xruns for some
reason.. Just changed video drivers to Nouveau, and various other
changes to the system.. Maybe expecting too much in terms of latency
from a really quite ageing system now (and an almost broken 10 year
old SBLive!). Only thing I had to do was convert the m4a files to mp3
before importing to qtractor. qtractor impressively handled the
different samplerates (44.1 vs 48k on my system) without complaint!

Anyway, enough waffling. The link is here:


Let me know if there are any problems accessing this.


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