Re: [LAU] persisting jack connections (was DC offset)

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Date: Friday, February 3, 2012 - 6:27 pm

Rustom Mody:

I'm not sure if I have followed all of the discussion. But if your
problem is to record firefox, it's not very difficult:

1. Start jack

2. Start pulseaudio using jack sinks:

$ pulseaudio -L module-jack-sink -L module-jack-source

[Automatically: Put "'sleep 5 &&
/home/kjetil/bin/' &" under
qjackctl->options->"execute scripts after startup",
where "" is a script containing "pulseaudio -L
module-jack-sink -L module-jack-source"]

3. Start firefox

4. Play something

5. Record from jack, for instance using jack_capture, like this:

$ jack_capture

(no options!)

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