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Date: Monday, February 27, 2012 - 4:20 am

> Great!  One question: what is "implemented gop legacy redraw" about?

Great question. Since January pd-l2ork by default moves gop/array/scalar groups of objects via tag. In layman terms this means instead of having to redraw entire gop object every time it is moved even by one pixel (e.g. dragging gop with mouse would generate dozens of these events per second), moves it all with a single tcl command. This newly implemented feature however did not account for objects that do not support moving by tag (mainly 3rd party gui externals that do not have moving by tag implemented). This has made gop displacing with such objects embedded not work properly for the said objects. So, now if you have a gop object that also includes one of the said 3rd party gui externals, it falls back gracefully to the old way of redrawing the gop object which is terribly inefficient but at least it works seamlessly for both cases.

>From L2Ork's perspective, we use almost exclusively built-in iemgui objects for all our needs with the ggee/image being one notable exception that has been also updated and cleaned-up for this release, including support for moving with tag.

To give you some perspective just what kind of a difference this makes performances-wise, make a gop object that has iemgui/vanilla objects only, and then create another with the ggee/button object (for instance) and observe the difference. For a really fun experience try running pd-l2ork with -d 1 debugging enabled to see the console printout difference.

Hope this helps!

P.S. if there is an exhaustive list of 3rd party gui externals and their breakdown between those that are well supported and those that are not, this would be particularly helpful as I could then try to tackle them one-by-one until they've all been revamped. NB: text objects and other 3rd party externals that don't have custom guis are supported out-of-box even prior to the aforesaid fix.

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