Re: [LAU] Linux 3.2.0-rt Kernels on Debian Repos!

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Date: Sunday, February 26, 2012 - 8:01 am

On 02/25/2012 08:36 PM, Ralf Mardorf wrote:

It will touch Debian Stable when what's in Sid is turned into the new

>> Message: 18

Around here: 2 machines running aptosid (a pretty successful attempt at
making Debian Sid a pretty stable OS to use) with XFCE. 2 machines
running older Debians or Debian-derivatives (one uses Gnome 2, one
KDE3). 1 netbook running Ubuntu 11.10 with their Unity interface.

Tried KDE4 when it was first coming out, it wasn't usable yet, went back
to KDE3. Watched a friend valiantly try to use KDE4 up through KDE4.5,
after which he gave up and switched to XFCE (on netbooks) and LXDE (on
his desktop machine).

XFCE, LXDE or Fluxbox meet my UI needs.

Of course, you could consider a DAW like Ardour 3 to be a UI for pro
audio users, yes?

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