[LAU] Non Session Manager Distributed Session Demo

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Date: Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 12:51 pm

Here's another video, this one demonstrating the fact that NSM can
manage a single session with clients spread across multiple machines
(nsmd must be running on each system).


I forgot to show that when you add a client via the GUI, it asks you
which server to start it on. Otherwise, the behavior is identical to
having a session on a single machine. If you just start up an NSM
capable client on any of the machines participating in the session
(with the appropriate environment variable set), then that client will
join the session as normal.

This distributed session feature is just a natural consequence of the
architecture of NSM and doesn't add any complexity to either the
client or server implementation (just a small amount to the session
manager GUI).

I'm getting pretty close to doing the release, but I still have a lot
of documentation to write and update for the user interface changes.

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