[LAU] Can't build Lilypond git because all feta11***.pfb do not get created

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From: Nils <list@...>
To: <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Monday, February 20, 2012 - 6:42 pm

Hello list,

I'm using archlinux and want to use a developers version. I tried first 2.15.30 and then directly from git (through the arch AUR repository)

I have no clue about the complex and complicated lilypont font process, but somehow all font sizes are built except 11. All the pfb files for feta11 are missing.
It is very hard to read the log since it is very verbose but I did not find anything terrible suspicious.

I'm running fontforge from git, if that is of any interest.

The compile error looks like this:

Converting PostScript graphics to Type 1 font programs...
Cannot open /var/abs/local/yaourtbuild/lilypond-git/src/lilypond-build/mf/out/feta11.pfb
The requested file, feta.pfb, does not exist
MergeFonts: Can't find font: feta.pfb

Does that already ring a bell for anyone? If not which logfiles should I provide?

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