Re: [LAU] Multiple ICE1712 cards setup with jack2 -> assigning IRQs

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From: mn0 <mn0@...>
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Date: Thursday, February 2, 2012 - 8:00 pm

Am 02.02.2012 04:12, schrieb Ross Hamblin:

Not covered, yet.
APIC is enabled, but thanks for "cat /proc/interrrupts", makes it a
little easier.
There are indeed free interrupts/numbers not listed in /proc interrupts.
Only my BIOS settings are ignored when trying to assign certain devices
to IRQs. The BIOS options are also the wrong way: I can assign an IRQ#
to one or a group of devices... one of the devices is always grouped
with hdd. So I could assign a different IRQ# to the group, but don't
split it, to have the card on a single IRQ.


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