[LAU] jack2 + arch trouble

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Date: Friday, February 10, 2012 - 5:12 pm


I had some problems with my jack recently, and today something new
happened, that I'm actually able to reproduce:

In ardour2 "export range markers to multiple audiofiles", *but press
cancel before it's finished*. I tried various settings, for instance
both wav/flac and 44.100/48.000 (my jack sample rate).

After this ardour still plays at more-than-normal-speed (no sound is
heard), like it's still rendering, although the dialog disappears. I can
force ardour stop playback py pressing the close button of the window,
but it only stopps rolling, after a while a "this window might be busy
and is not responding" dialog is shown, cliking "yes" (I'd like to force
quit it) will exit ardour.

Now to the actual strangeness: At this point jackd is screwed, I cannot
start clients, it seems like jackd is not running to them. qjackctl
looks ok, but if I switch to another workspace and back it's gui is all
grey and I cannot exit it, except with the killall command. Top shows
jackd is still running, but I can't killall it, even logging out of my
xfce session and back in leaves it running. So I need to reboot to use
jack again.

I'm 99% sure it's not ardour, since this also happened with other
clients, although not at consistent and I haven't been able to reproduce
it before.

Some info:

atte@blokhus:~$ cat ~/.jackdrc
/usr/bin/jackd -v -P85 -t2000 -dfirewire -r48000 -p256 -n2

atte@blokhus:~$ jackd --version
jackdmp 1.9.8
Copyright 2001-2005 Paul Davis and others.
Copyright 2004-2011 Grame.
jackdmp comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY
This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
under certain conditions; see the file COPYING for details
no message buffer overruns
no message buffer overruns
no message buffer overruns
jackdmp version 1.9.8 tmpdir /dev/shm protocol 8

atte@blokhus:~$ ardour2 --version
Ardour 2.8.12
(built using 10144 and GCC version 4.6.1 20110819 (prerelease))

I'm running over my edirol fa66 firewire soundcard. I'm running arch
linux on a thinkpad X61s, and I'm pretty sure the system was running
fine about a month ago...

Any ideas or suggestions would be highly appreciated :-)


http://atte.dk http://modlys.dk
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