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Subject: Re: [LAU]
Date: Sunday, December 9, 2012 - 11:21 pm

Hello Atte!
Thank you forthis tune. The first thought I had, when the piece started was:
Ah yeah. :-) A combination of drum sounds, rhythm
and the rather analogue choice of pad. But then of course, you are you and so,
it was a song, that I enjoyed listening to, upto the end.
Intriguing choice of solo instrument? What was tat? Harmonica or some sort
of blues harp?
I loved the bridge, naturally, since the minor key was predominant, :-)
although it sounded a little rough and edgy or maybe even raw.
All in all, a nice, round song, with some lovely harmonies. Although small
and rather simple in harmony, the harmonies were't everyday, which kept up the
interest and the pricking up of the ears. :-)
Thank you!
Warm regards

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