Re: [LAU] what about a meta distribution system?

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To: renato <rennabh@...>
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Date: Friday, December 7, 2012 - 4:10 pm

2012/12/7 renato :

Hi, renato.

At Musix we've tried to achieve something like that, trying to have
latest versions of programas, useful presets, launchers/mini-session
managers to make it easier for newer people in linux audio to just
clic and play/listen...

We're now in a point where we're re-thinking about our inner structure
and way of working in the project, scarce resources and a lot to do;
even considering doing most of the job as a Debian Blend (mostly
Debian Multimedia) and then make live CD/DVD of Musix with all
preconfigured and running.
That part, the Debian Multimedia Blend would be the root of many other
distros and projects where devs join forces to achieve more or less
what you say. Although this kind of approach is evidently less plastic
and dynamic that the idea of "micro-envelops" for apps.

Carlos sanchiavedraz
* Musix GNU+Linux
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