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Date: Monday, December 31, 2012 - 12:28 am

Hello everyone!
A friend of mine had a cooperation with a parson of the protestant church of
the Rheinland, a region in my state. It's an advent's calendar, especially
intended for the blind. The whole thing is now available for download:
A few notes: For non-German speakers: it always starts with some talking and
then there's some music. In the later pieces, there's also some more talking
after that. It's everything from bible quotations and short elaborations to
small anecdotes.
The quality is not always the best, which is not due to the equipment or
software used, but due to the parson's live/session approach. Not a
studio-man. :-)
Everything was recorded and processed in Nama. Other pieces of software
involved were: loads of LADSPA plugins, LinuxSampler, Beatrix and
sndfile-concat right at the end. :-) Also involved were external synths,
guitars, a bass and a flute.
The downloads will be available for about two or three more weeks. I hope
there's something, that meets with your approval. :-)
Warmly yours

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