[LAU] MIDI bank select and LinuxSampler MIDI instrument map

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To: linux-audio-user <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Friday, December 28, 2012 - 2:44 pm

Hello everyone!
Sorry, to bother you again. But I have defined a MIDI instrument map, as
described in the latest LSCP documentation (current draft) with the latest
CVS/SVN versions of everything. But it doesn't work.
I've checked my device, when there is a bank select, the following two
messages get sent (prnted out by aseqdump:
Control change 0, controller 0, value 63
Control change 0, controller 32, value 3
Where the last 3 is the bank number.
In LinuxSampler I have also tried to change the program after that, because
it said, this might b3e necessary. No luck.
My instrument map, looks like this:
MAP MIDI_INSTRUMENT 0 0 1 GIG '/home/sounds/gig/solina/solina_no_vel.gig' 0 0.8 PERSISTENT
MAP MIDI_INSTRUMENT 0 1 2 GIG '/home/sounds/gig/solina/solina_no_vel.gig' 1 0.8 ON_DEMAND
MAP MIDI_INSTRUMENT 0 2 3 GIG '/home/sounds/gig/solina/solina_no_vel.gig' 2 0.8 ON_DEMAND
MAP MIDI_INSTRUMENT 0 3 4 GIG '/home/sounds/gig/solina/solina_no_vel.gig' 3 0.8 ON_DEMAND
MAP MIDI_INSTRUMENT 0 4 5 GIG '/home/sounds/gig/solina/solina_no_vel.gig' 4 0.8 ON_DEMAND
Channel 0 is added, audio output and midi input set correctly, copied from
an existing LSCP-script.
What is wrong here? Is it my device? Anything I could change to make it
work? Or do I have to activate anything further in my LSCP-script?
Warm regards

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