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Date: Tuesday, December 25, 2012 - 1:42 pm

Hello everyone!
I decided to do some house keeping and in that process stumbled across these
forgotten pieces. I hadn't released them before. It's a collection of unused
audio logos, background music and trailers. It also includes my first ever
recordng on Linux, back in 2000.
Although it resids in the Nama folder and is linked from the Nama music
page, only the most recent candidates were actually recorded with Nama. I hope
you can enjoy a few of these or might even find a use for them. Some of these
aren't fully produced. This is to say, they aren't mixed and fine tuned as
much as it would normally happen.
Feedback is welcome. If you think, you may find a good use for one of them,
do let me know. At the moment I'm keeping them free as in beer. But that is
simply to know, what's up with them. Unless the project of inaccessibility or
the "we hate Terry Pratchett front" comes knocking, I don't see any reason,
why not to pass them along.
Warmly yours

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