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To: William Light <wrl@...>
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Date: Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 8:57 pm

Hi Will!
Indeedn, long time no hear. but it's good to have you back. Those are two
nice tunes.
Let me start with lost in London. The drumprogramming was time well spent. I
do like it. I went back to all I need and discovered something new even there.
Since you pay attention to details. There were parts of the drums in the old
one, that I did miss. So the drums with Lost in London, they are nicely
programmed, they have a good groove, those lovely breaks and I do like the
occasional change in basic rhythm. they have drive. The only thing I dislike,
is the bass drum. It has a boxy sound. Don't get me, wrong, it's not your
production, but the sound itself. Still, when the bass really drops in, it's
not that noticeable anymore.
The arrangement all in all, is very dense, once everyne is in. :-) There is
a lot capturing attention, without overcrowding it. Nice piece!
Camphor and You is such a different proposition to Lost inLondon. I do
recognise something typically you. At least judging by the four pieces I have
here. I was a little reminded of all I Need again. The short filtered rhythm
synth. I thought, it might have been another cover of that song. But then I
went back, since it's been quite some time. Although the atmosphere is dense
again and ther are some spheric and smooth sounds in here, I do like the drum
'n' Bass better. At some point my ear says, that there's a little too much
movement or chaotic impression for the piece (sometime after the first half,
sorry time in mplayer is not very good). Interesting choice for the
"percussive" section or interesting editing of percussive sounds. I always
imagine a big, slow beat coming in at one point, resolving the "restless
night" impression into a settled, still meditative moment, without the lively
pads and effect sounds.
Thanks for sharing those two. Again enjoyable. with you I know, that I can
expect something with byte and crunch, when it comes to anything, that should
have it. No mulchy drums. My best friend would say: He delivers. :-)
Best wishes

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