[LAU] A couple new tracks (modern electronic, drum & bass)

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Date: Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 3:18 pm

Hey everyone,
Been quiet for a while, just uploading things intermittently and as I
finish them. Had a surge of inspiration and focus this past weekend that
helped me polish up a couple of tracks I've been working on for a while.

My setup nowdays is Renoise and various plugins. My workhorse synth is
Loomer Aspect (VSTi, commercial), and my effects are everything from
some of ccern's ported VSTs to the Calf DSSIs and every LADSPA I can get
my hands on. I think I may have a Foo Driver or Foo Saturator on almost
every channel by the time I'm done with a song.

Anyway, the music!


This one is a remix I did for a friend of mine. The original song was
club/progressive house, and, in addition to a house remix of my own, I
also did this one in a drum & bass style. Lots of Aspect, but also lots
of other various synths in here. I have a few Sorollet instances, a
bassline from Discovery, and even a heavily-processed Karplus-Strong
synth (it's the feedback-heavy one). I think I actually used the DSSI
example KS synth for that.

Lots of intricate drum programming in this one. I slaved over that
percussion for longer than is healthy!


Original track. Evolved from a slower, brooding track into this
somewhat rushed-sounding one. The mixdown was unbelievably difficult
here; all of the synths were stepping all over each other. I feel it
came together well in the end, though!

Hope you enjoy!
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