Re: [LAU] Envy24Control is missing the Analog Volume tab - need guidance...

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To: Tim E. Real <termtech@...>
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Date: Monday, November 5, 2012 - 11:48 pm

On Mon, November 5, 2012 2:44 pm, Tim E. Real wrote:

> Apparently, that connection path is called "H-Bus".

Don't see any level control on this page, just routing. The only level
control is the monitor mixer on the pci card. The converter may have level
controls available, but it seems this implementation sets them wide open
or 0db.

If I think about my multi-track tape machine, there is no level there
either (aside from inside for setup). Controlling the level is what the
mixer or preamp is for. There seem to be a number of pro/semipro IFs that
don't have digitally controlled levels. My USB box has manual controls
only, but then they are much more than just level too.

While I am at it :)
I am using mudita 1.0.4. If I set the patch bay so that hwout1-2 are
connected to the mixer and use the profile to save that as the first one
and then change the settings. The first profile doesn't seem to restore
it. However, if I go back to the stock e24c at 0.6.0 it did at least in
ubuntu 12.04... now in 12.10 it doesn't work either :)

Ok, restart mudita24 from a terminal.
on clicking profiles tab I get:
Cannot open profiles file '~/.envy24control/profiles.conf' ...
Use current settings.
when I select a profile:
You can store this settings to profile no. 1 in file
'~/.envy24control/profiles.conf' by pressing save button.
when I hit the save button:
Cannot find file '/home/joe/.envy24control/profiles.conf'.
This operation will create a new profiles file
Cannot find program '0'.
You must specify path for '0'.
Cannot store profile '2' for card '1'.
Cannot open profiles file '~/.envy24control/profiles.conf' ...
Use current settings.

Is this fixed in a later version of mudita24? If so it would be nice to
include it in the 13.04 version of ubuntustudio.


Len Ovens

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