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Date: Sunday, November 4, 2012 - 9:18 pm

Hello Will!
Well I never... Do you grow dark and depressed on us. Honestly I like it.
Melodically speaki9ng, there is something very typically British about it,
which has never drawn me. But there are passages, where you set that aside as
well and then it's just PERFECT! Otherwise it has something, which I might
call quaint or rural about it, to which I just can't connect. I don't have it
in me, although I live rather out of the way. :-)
Well so much about the melody for a start. Let's come to the sounds. The
textures are very impressive, highly suggestable. What a wonderful choice. I
suppose, that quite a lot of them is programmed by you. So if we ever get to
meet, remind me to just stand you a beer or two for that. Beautiful. The lead
sound in the first passage in connection with the dull pad, creates an
immensely graspable atmosphere in my mind. There are a few passages, which
sound a little "clumpsy". If we talk in picutres, I'd say mud and very
oppressive fog. Perhaps as described by A.c. Doyle put into the mouth of
Holmes. I can't recall it exactly, but he was talking about fog, tha's almost
yellow or brown and weighing the streets down.
The flow from one section to another is rather smooth, continuily morphing
from one misery to the next. Everyone of them with their very personal touch
and feel. From almost mysterious and breathy to thick and sluggish to big and
"midieval". And now, I find, that it is also educating for me, since I have to
look up some spellings in the dictionary, since I need some words, which I so
rarely use. :-)
When I listened, I first had the impression of simple arrangements. Now,
that I've listened again, I detect, that it has more to it than the first ear
full suggested. Some nice layering, creating dense soundclouds, without
overburdening it. There's a nice flow between the instruments, sometimes even
in one section. I believe this is more based on the sounds than production
here. So this is very well orchestrated most of the time. perhaps all of the
time, but for a few "scenarios" I don't care. :-) I just love the mix. There's
the unobtrusive bass, subtle and full. Hm. It's well balanced.
Thank you for sharing tht Will. Overall I enjoyed it greatly and if ever I
learn to be a little more rural and pastoral, then I will appreciate the full
beauty and glory of that piece. Beautiful craftsmanship and a nice tune. -
Considering, what I've been hit by, I think the subject is... cute. :-)
Warm regards

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