Re: [LAU] looking for command-line/scriptable mastering software

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To: Eric Wong <normalperson@...>
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Date: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - 10:29 pm

Hello Eric!
Depending on how much you would like user interaction, I could either
recommend Ecasound or Nama. Nama is a commandline application based on
Ecasound with loads more high-level functions. You can write scripts for Nama,
which are easily executed. Scripts in Nama are just sequential command
sequences. Or you can extend Nama in its own terms or any Perl you know.
If you pull from git, best use branch Rosetta or main.
Ecasound is the basic engine for Nama. It is good for use in scripts (shell
or others). There are python binding and ruby bindngs for Ecasound code. so
you can write your own hihg-level tools, or you can use use the Ecasound
Both Ecasound and Nama support LADSPA and basid LV2 plugins. Ecasound too
has an interactive shell like interface, if you like. It is well documented.
Csound too knows about LADSPA and you have the usual effects built-in. Of
course it takes a learning curve. The basic principle however is easy:
output(s) work_module_name input(s)
does that sound interesting and/or useful to you?
Warmly yours

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