[LAU] looking for command-line/scriptable mastering software

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Date: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - 10:13 pm

Hi all,

I have some live concert recordings (some destined for LMA[1]) which
could use some processing in certain sections (usually to cut out crowd
noise and AC hum).

The recordings are hours long, but I only want to selectively process
some portions (often sections inbetween music).

So far, I've been writing scripts+makefiles to drive SoX. I use
the SoX "trim" effect to split out sections, process the sections
indivdually, and rejoin them (often with fade); but I'm wondering if
there's something similar for command-line users which already exists.

I've been considering writing a make-like tool, but would like know if
something existing fills the role. I haven't been able to find
information on using csound for mastering a few sections of audio, but
maybe that could work...

I don't like pointing devices, so it must be 100% keyboard-driven and
easily repeatable/version-controlled. I manage my current
scripts+makefiles via git.

[1] - Live Music Archive (on archive.org)

Thanks for reading!
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