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To: Ali Polatel <polatel@...>
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Date: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 - 6:03 pm

Hello ali!
Thanks for sharing this song. I have a feeling, that the mix is still on
rather struggling feet. The vocals are very quiet. though that might not just
be the mix, but your insecure singing. I can say that, without feeling bad in
the slightest, because I know, that I tortued the list long enough with that.
:-) Also the vocals are in quiet a different room than the synth flute. You
might have put on some more reverb to get a little more union. Then it might
even work better with the volume balance, that you currently have between
vocals and synth.
I do like the flute, it's a nice sound, it does the song very well in my
ears. Charming! The other synth sound later on reminds me of old days. There
was a radioplay series orchestrated by an advanced home organ/synth. That
sound, perhaps the filter, perhaps just its basic makeup, is so reminiscent of
that. Definitely rather late 70s or very early 80s. It's a nice contrast to
the flute. The switch from one to the other is alas a little abrupt or
disjoint. I still like it a lot.
Thanks for sharing and do continue!
Warmly yours

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