Re: [LAU] vibrato depth increasing in PCM synthesis through python

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To: SxDx <sed@...>
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Date: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 - 5:27 pm

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2012/10/3 SxDx

> > it works with gi=n.cumsum(dD,0,

answer is on the next lines of the message (right?):


GNU/Linux User #479299

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2012/10/3 SxDx <>

So, your code had no problem?answer is on t=
he next lines of the message (right?):=A0

> it was not working beforehand, in this version:



sorry, no wav, I don't have scikits,
I did ti.tofile("ti.raw") and t.tofile("t.raw").
I get the same results with my C code if I
change it to do the cumsum in ints.
-- GNU/Linux User #479299<=


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