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Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 7:37 pm

Am Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012, 06:38:21 schrieb Brett McCoy:

I tried to try it out but failed... first the installer tried to unpack a .deb file on my rpm based distro.
Once I installed the deb utilities package this worked. Then when I tried to run it, an error window
appeared and said that the licensing service would not work, and asked for a serial number, entering
none or a wrong one of course made the program quit.

I wrote to their support mail address, and the reply I got left me somewhat puzzled: they say they don't
support Linux anymore (only up to version 1.2, only Debian, and there without certain MIDI functionality).
Originally the idea for the Linux version came from one of their developers, who uses that platform, so
supporting "all main OS platforms" seemed attractive at first, but can't be continued as until now noone but
me had ever shown interest in trying or buying the Linux version. Then they suggested that I'd try the
demo mode under Win or Mac and feedback my experiences.

I answered in turn that I'm not interested in a Win or Mac version, and that as a musician I'm able to
reharmonize melodies, so I'm not even sure I'm a potential customer, but I'd offer my help as I have experience
as linux packager and also know a little programming... still waiting for their reply

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