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2011/12/31 Hartmut Noack

> Hello LAU-people,

What a story! :) It reminds me a little to Lou Reed at the beginning, maybe
because of the tone of your voice. Quite an eclectic song.

Thanks for sharing.

Carlos sanchiavedraz
* Musix GNU+Linux

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2011/12/31 Hartmut Noack <

Hello LAU-people,

I have released a song I had begun working with in the mids of the 1990ies:=

The Syrens Of Spring
How Weary I am -- 1995-2011

it is licensed Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike

I worked on at least 100 days on the piece, sometimes 6 h, sometimes 15 min=
in most cases 1-2 h. For every minute on every track in the project I had =
5 minutes erased. Some 5-minute takes are edited down to 3 seconds. Other p=
arts (such as some of the vocals) are 1st takes.

While I worked on the piece Linux Audio made great progress. I opened the p=
roject-file in all versions of Ardour since 2004. I wrote 4 articles about =
Ardour for german Linux-Magazines most of them using screenshots of the how=
weary project. Such screenshots also appeared in articles about 64Studio, =
Ubuntu Studio, Suse/JAD and other Linux-distros I wrote about in that time.=

The software never failed me. If there was trouble, it was never catastroph=
ic -- most incidents where related to plug-ins badly written or abused or b=
oth. But bugs never destroyed more than a few minutes of recordings and the=
project itself never was endangered by some serious mistakes of Ardour -- =
since there where no mistakes of that category. The same goes for Guitarix =
and Alsa Modular Synth that where my main standalone sound generators for t=
he project.

I spent a important part of my life with this piece of music. Two of my chi=
ldren are borne in that time. The colour of my hair changed from brown with=
some grayish strands to gray with some darker strands and a good deal of w=
hite and the length of these hairs swayed between 30 centimeters in the 199=
0ies and 2 centimeters in 2005. My weight from 89 Kilogramm up to unaccepta=
ble 108 at the LAC in Berlin and now down to more acceptable 91K. I smoked =
30 cigarettes a day then quit smoking for 2 years then started again and ch=
anged to e-cigaretts in the end. I used computers for office-work like ever=
ybody, then became a power-user, switched to GNU/Linux and became a modest =
web-programmer in the end. I have seen and experienced many many things in =
this time and I am thankfull and glad to have seen and experienced all this=

I hereby give this tune to these people: enjoy my sound-installation by the=
name of "How weary I am" for 8 minutes, 8 seconds and 8 hundreds=
of a second (this is really, really the result of the export, I did nothin=
g, none, zero to provoke these figures. I swear it!).

I thank you all and especially the musicians that helped me to do it (Fred =
and Christoph) and all the brilliant programmers that made the software I w=
orked with and give it to the world under a free license.

Get the complete story and the list of the software used here:


thank you all and have a good new 2012!

Linux-audio-user mailing list
What a story! :) It reminds me a little to Lou Reed =
at the beginning, maybe because of the tone of your voice. Quite an eclecti=
c song.Thanks for sharing.-- Carlos sanch=

* Musix GNU+Linux=A0 =


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