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Date: Sunday, January 8, 2012 - 12:52 am

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Hi. Thanks very much for your reply!

On Fri, 6 Jan 2012 11:42:11 -0500
Joe Hartley wrote:

That's the difference between an active and a passive DI, right? A
passive DI just converts to a balanced signal, while an active DI also
boosts the level. Right?

> This can often be done in software,

Right. My problem is my home -- both the space I have to use to
record, and the circumstances (s.o., neighbor, etc.). I can't turn up
a guitar amp and record its output right now. An electric has to go
direct, with me listening by headphones -- there's just no avoiding it
right now. My acoustic/electrics I can probably mic.

But how can *preamplification* be handled in software like this? In
order to apply amplification on the digital signal, you have to have
already sampled the analog signal. Do you send the guitar signal into a
line-level input even though it's much weaker than line level?

I wasn't familiar with Guitarix; how does it compare to Rakarrack?

> Balanced vs. unbalanced (or TRS vs. TS) has nothing to do with line

The amplifier for my electrics has a preamp out and power in, intended
for effects. Can I use that preamp? Or should the guitar preamp I use
for recording be *after* changing to a balanced signal? I presume that
guitar and mic levels are sufficiently different that they don't use
the same type of preamp either, right?

> Hope this helps!

It all did, very much. Thanks!

- -c

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Chris Metzler
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