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Date: Saturday, January 7, 2012 - 2:48 pm

Il 06/01/2012 18:17, Brendan Jones ha scritto:

> Has anyone here done this and is it possible to do this oneself? Some

I'm no expert, but after reading Mike Senior's "Mixing Secrets", I would
like to share a couple of suggestions:

- Avoid ported designs. They're always affected by some amount of
ringing ad unevenness in the bass response. Only the most expensive
commercial models manage to minimize such problems. So, that's my guess,
a closed box design should be safer for a DIY project.

- Google for "Auratone 5C": they should be the easiest studio monitors
to clone (single driver, no hi-fi at all), and a very useful tool in
your studio even when you already have "real", good monitors.

Good luck,
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