Re: [LAU] Neophyte questions re: selecting an audio interface

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Date: Friday, January 6, 2012 - 11:21 pm

Chris Metzler wrote:

In the consumer space, sound cards are switching over to PCI Express.

I'd guess everybody is waiting^Whoping for VIA to create a PCIe version
of the ICE1712, but it looks as if VIA doesn't think this would be
a valuable market.

(None of ESI's PCIe cards work with Linux.)

> - Latency tuning possibly required (identifying IRQs associated with

USB and 1234 controllers are PCI devices too, so you have exactly the
same IRQ problems, except that you cannot change the slot of an onboard

> - Computer-caused interference noise possible unless audio converted to

I don't think this is a problem in practice. I've never heard of actual
noise problems of PCI audio interfaces; all the reports I did hear were
from cheap USB devices that picked up noise from the computer's power

(Asus and Creative are in a fight over who can build the sound card with
the highest SNR value, and achieve 118 dB when recording, but these
cards are designed for "HiFi enthusiast" consumers.)

> ==> breakout box. But PCI interfaces with breakout boxes tend to be

It's cheaper to design and build the card to be noise resistant.

> OTOH, no breakout box = lots of cables going to the back of the

I suspect this is the actual reason for breakout boxes.


USB has lots of overhead. It can just barely fit eight 16/48 channels
into USB 1.1; full-duplex 24/96 is not possible.

> 1394

High-end mainboards still have a 1394 controller chip among their many
bells and whistles. In any case, controller cards will still be
available (as PCIe or ExpressCard).

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