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To: linux-audio-user <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Friday, January 27, 2012 - 5:42 pm

chino-0.10 is out, another re-write.
Chino is a session management framework written in Bash.

Pretty much alpha, I suspect there might be some bugs left
occurring in corner cases I haven't encountered yet.


Previous versions generated session scripts for a very limited variety
of setups. The current version differs in three main points, in that:

(1) no script is written, sessions can now be recovered from a
'session definition file';

(2) the possible variety of setups is much larger since the main
script is separated from implementation, i.e. a user can quite
freely define applications and their behaviour;

(3) it provides a runtime user interface, for adding and removing
applications while the session is running.

The purpose is not to add another session management system
to the LASH/LADISH/JackSession ecosystem, chino is
somewhat different in scope. I neither claim that it's exactly
simple nor that it is of any particular elegance, but it serves my
needs very well -- I can hopefully now start making music. :)

An excerpt from the features list on the website:

a 'load session' command and a 'save session' keybinding
(the latter saves only the session, the state of any involved
application—if applicable—needs to be manually saved to
the appropriate file from within the application);

presets and template sessions for simple creation or forking
of sessions;

a text user interface to add or remove applications while
running, with no manual connection-making involved;

adding support for an application amounts to adding a file
containing some variables and functions, thus no support on
the application's side is required (apart from the ability to
recover a state via command line and/or file loading, without
manual user interaction);

mono-stereo-agnostic audio connecting and Jack-Alsa-
agnostic Midi connecting;

a hierarchical session layout with dependency check,
suggestions and the option to view an image displaying the
session graph (the passive "GUI").

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