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Date: Tuesday, January 24, 2012 - 8:31 pm

Hi Gerald,

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On Tuesday 24 January 2012 14.58.38 Gerald Mwangi wrote:

Glad that you're back again. I have heard your music before and you have
a wonderful song - just as I expected. Some of the the chords and
harmonies are also very interesting, I just love it.

IMO, it's not easy to know what to think because I don't which conditions
the recording has. Is it a demo? Do the drums have a single track for
each item, did you record it quick and hasty and so on. So I just say
what I think assuming that each part of the drums have it's own track
plus two OH mics. What I say here might be wrong anyway, I don't know
your EQs, HPF's, compressors and so on, so just see this as vague
suggestions and blurry starting points:

*The snare drum is to load, you better lover it and add 3-6 dB
somewhere around 600 - 700 Hz (more of the ringing body).
And give it a little bit reverb (careful) too.
*Pan the HH more to one of the sides and let the clean guitar
be on the opposite one.
*Give the kick more deep end and accentuate the click. Give
the bass more low mid (and the kick lesser on the same place).
You might also want more fret sound (more mid+) from the
bass, that will probably improve the overall sound. Right now,
hard kicks are destroying the bass some places.
*The vocals need (more) compression, the reverb varies from to
load to to quiet, maybe more compression on the voice is
enough to tame it.
*Use an (or more) HPF for the organ.
*Toms? More body, more attack, more HPF.

About the performance:
It sounds to me like you have timing problems - mostly in the clean
guitar, but it might be editable in the mix (or rerecordable ? :-) ). The
bass and guitars do also sound out of tune some places - and around
2:48, it's bad. When everything is in better synch, then the flow will be
much better.

In a nut shell: Make space in the lower mids to much happens there, lower
your snare amplitude but let it's personality be clearer. More defined mid
in the bass, lesser deep bass. Deeper and clickier kick. Broader stereo
image. Edit away timing problems and out of tune issues. Let's hope that
no new bad things shows up after that :-)

It sounds like the recordings itself are good, and as I said: The song
itself is great. I consider my self as a fan of your music and I'm
looking forward to hear more. :-)


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