[LAU] AMS LV2 plugins: Version 0.0.6

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Date: Sunday, January 1, 2012 - 2:55 pm

Hello everyone,

During this jolly holidays, I worked a bit on the AMS LV2 plugins.

The version 0.0.6 can be downloaded here:

This new version comes with:
* Basic GUI for Analog Driver, Envelop and Advanced Envelop
* Ported:
- CV Source
- Delay
- Dynamic Waves (4 Osc)

The basic GUIs are based on the ones from AMS itself.

In addition, the SVN is now fixed:
svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/avwlv2/code/trunk avwlv2-code

Finally, plans for the future are to port more of the AMS plugins (I'm
sorry guys, but I'm only gonna port the ones I actually use and might
ignore some others).
I was thinking as well to:
- create a percussive envelop and 'Note Filter' (a plugin that let the
Velocity/Gate/Trigger of the Ingen Note Internal go through only when
a certain Frequency is hit). I have patches that simulate the TR 808
Kick/Snare/Etc, and I need these to be able to create a Drum Machine
in Ingen.
- create a beat slicer/repeater plugin (probably will base the code on
- a LFO synchcronized with Jack (I have always missed that one AMS!).

So here you go!

Have a happy new year 2012 guys!

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