Re: [LAU] can't get virmidi to work with 11.04 Natty

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To: Tony Austin <gigaday@...>
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Date: Tuesday, September 6, 2011 - 1:03 pm

Tony Austin wrote:

A better equivalent would be the "Through" port(s) created with the
snd-seq-dummy module.

In Windows, MIDI devices drivers have ports that programs can connect to,
while programs cannot create ports. Therefore, if you want to connect two
programs, you have to use a tool like Midi Yoke that creates a virtual

In Linux, both drivers and programs can create ports, and synthesizers
typically do create such ports so that you can connect directly to them.
Wine doesn't do this for Windows applications, so you have to use
a "Through" port, which behaves like a MIDI through port in Midi Yoke.

> The midi interfaces that looked useful that I can see in BIAB and Reaper are

Tell BiaB to play to the Through port, and tell Reaper to record from
the Through port.

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