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Date: Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 9:14 am

Greetings everyone!
I finished a new piece last week and now I feel it may be time to post it
here an hope, that you might enjoy it.
Lyrics are here:
Or take a look at:
This piece was my own first, real colaborative finished work. I'm very
grateful to Silvia for the samples and much more than that. Thanks go to Joy
Bausch for playing the ukulele and electric guitar. Last but not least thanks
go to Mr. Bennett for playing the lap steel. It was wonderful work, that you
all put into it.
For the gear heads amongst us here is a list of used equipment in software
and hardware. Linuxsampler for Drums, the Gigatron - thanks Q for a wonderful
sample-library! -, the Rhodes and Wurlitzer e-pianos, the grand piano and the
glockenspiel and trumpets. Fluidsynth was used for the bass and Beatrix had
its own very organ-ic part in it. The Roland XP-30 for orchestral sounds,
tron-dubling and windchimes. The Korg TR-76 for percussion and the bell-type
sound. The Clavia Norlead3 for additional synth solo sounds and the Waldorf
Microwave XT for sub-bass, the sparkly filter sweep and some additional synth
backing. And of course my trusty old Clav. Nama did all the recording,
processing and mixing/mastering! Thanks Joel for again investigating so much
time and well-directed effort into Nama! It paid greatly for my work. Loads of
LADSPA plugins of course for effects! Jconvolver and csound saw to some good
reverbs and roomy impressions. Joy's guitar was also recorded in Nama, Mr.
Bennetts lap steel was recorded and slightly preprocessed in Ardour.
Soundstretch did some slight pitch correction on some of the guitars, because
they wouldn't fit in some parts. Don't ask me why, they were OK, when they
were recorded for one part.
So that's about it. Comments and feedback is, as ever, welcome. Main thing
though, that you might enjoy it.
Warm regards

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Frightening Absence Just Arriving, Reigns Disappeared, Ornate - flowers!

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