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Date: Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - 8:19 am

It seems, the following mail, didn't make it to the list somehow.

From: Q
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Subject: Re: [LAU] (sort of) new music made with Linux

Hello Julien

I am certain that this is the most mature work you have yet released.

Whilst there are one or two places where there is maybe a slight danger of it
becoming a little repetitive due to the lack of a lead in areas where you had
originally intended lyrics, there is no doubt that it stands completely as an
instrumental. As in all the best instrumental symphonic prog there is plenty of
progression and layering and detail driving it on and dragging the listener in.

I think that is one area where this piece stands out: you've obviously put a
lot of effort into those little details (yet very time consuming to achieve and
get right) that make a big difference. It's raised this to a whole new level
with those professional touches. Definitely NOT a case of less being more.

I am sure that a few well-placed guitar solos and some nice rhythm work would
take it into the stratosphere, but for once I don't feel that it is crying out
for any guitar parts. The guitar-like synth parts, both rhythm and lead, are
perfect: they don't fool, but that is immaterial, they fill the space both
timbrally and musically and are just right rather than being a substitute for

The opening brings to mind Marillion's Warm Wet Circles and via swamp
soundscapes, nightmarish imagery and restful dreams to an ending that left me
expecting Yes to break into Roundabout but instead returns to the beginning
like some sort of musical Moebius strip -- what a journey.

Not less. MORE! ;-)


Julien Claassen wrote:

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