Re: [LAU] Aptosid & Debian music distributions => AVLinux recommended

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Date: Saturday, August 6, 2011 - 2:51 am

On 06/08/11 02:18, hermann wrote:

But that IS aptosid ... it is not a distribution in the sense that AVLinux is,
it is a way to install debian sid.

They do three very useful things for someone who wants to use debian sid on
their system ..

1/ They package a live install disk with, in my experience at least, an install
system that seems to deal with a wide range of new hardware very well.

2/ They build a custom kernel and maintain a set of bugfixes and an update
warning system to achieve 1/ and try to ensure that apt-get dist-upgrade can be
done safely to keep the installation up-to-date, using either their kernel or a
current or fairly recent debian one.

3/ They maintain a good manual and website so that 1/ and 2/ are useful to the user.

How you configure sid after that is up to you.

AVlinux does something else entirely, they configure and maintain a debian based
system geared towards multimedia, staying quite close to a standard debian
system (so it remains very flexible).

That is another big job done for the audio user, and by most reports they do it

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