[LAU] seq24 real world experiences?? tips (looking for MPC replacement)

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Date: Monday, August 15, 2011 - 7:47 am

Hi All,

My mpc2000xl is starting to get more than a bit dated and I'm considering
replacing it with either an mpc-2500 or possibly seq 24 with Linux sampler

(which would require a small laptop for live, usb pads ala mpd and a usb audio

Does anyone have much live experience with this (e.g sets of one hour or more)?

I'm really interested in the reliability of this solution and how low a latency
can I get (for real time filtering e.t.c.))..

Triggering patterns under pads is reasonably well documented (although a little
confusing but I'm sure I could work that out)

However, one of the big features of the MPC that I would definitely need to
replace is the "Next Sequence" button.. this allows me to use the pads to bring
up the next set of loop patterns which will play at the conclusion of the current
loop. I haven't been able to see anything in all the documentation and online
tutorials (video and text) that show anything like this function..

Is it even possible to bring up another set of loops with a menu to queue up
while an existing set is playing??

any tips welcome..



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