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Date: Thursday, August 11, 2011 - 8:21 pm

Hi Yvonnick!
Thanks for the praise. It really seems, that the extra effort was worth it a
hundredfold. :-)
Let's start with the simple questions: I don't use a sequencer. It's all
live and straight audio, track by track, using monitor or guide tracks where
So I don't use pads to play my drums, I use my two hands - almost all ten
fingers - and play them on a keyboard. I have done so for longer than I care
to remember. :-) I can't do a few things, that you could achieve with good
e-drum pads or sequencing, but I tend to sound very live very easily. :-) From
what I've ehard from superb drum programmers, I'm still quite well off, since
programming such a thing takes ages and requires exactly knowing, what you
want to do and introducing your own, manual programmed lead and lag as needed.
My recording software is Nama, which is a DAW based on Ecasound and written
in Perl. It has a commandline interface and a GUI. Although I think, the
commandline interface is much more powerful. Well seeing, that we have three
active and another passive blind users on the Nama list, in contrast to the
three sighted people, including the developer, Joel Roth, you might see why.
The structure of the song: I knew it was going to be a bit longer, I usually
do. So I thought up the parts, sometimes directlyknowing, where to put what
and then recorded them part by part. I think this piece is made up of five
parts. I mix them seperately, but use stored setups for repeating istruments,
which I only slightly vary to fit the special texture of each part. Then I
concatenate them or load them into regions of a master project and master the
complete piece.
As to the time the composition took. I can't really say, but I think less
than a week. I might have been quicker about it, had I had more concentrated
time to spend on it. But there's always something. :-) On the other hand, I
have one piece, which all in all took me roughly two years, due to its nature.
It's still officially unreleased, because there are the lyrics and vocals and
this time I'm rather intend of completing them in writing and recording them.
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