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Date: Friday, July 8, 2011 - 4:42 pm

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Hello, this is what Pere (eq10q developer) wrote to me yesterday about
my problems with eq10q...
take care

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Oggetto: Re: problems with eq10q in ardour
Data: Thu, 7 Jul 2011 13:14:05 +0200
Mittente: Pere Rafols
A: Nicola


I never see this with EQ10Q, but the EQ10Q code is a little outdated and
it's possible that somethings goes wrong with a new lv2-C++-tools. Also
lv2-C++-tools is not the best solution for a plugin implementation. At
this moment I'm working in a new version of EQ10Q removing the
lv2-C++-tools and Plotmm for a better performance and stability. The new
version will include other equalizers in mono and stereo versions. Now
I'm finishing the audio core (DSP) of the new EQ10Q using a completly
redesigned code and based to lv2-core. Also the GUI will be rewrited to
improve it.

I don't know when it will be released because I don't have a lot of free
time to write the code.

About the donation, I also have to redesing the website in order to
include a donation button but now I don't have time to do it.

Thank you very much for you interesnt in EQ10Q and opensource world. I
hope that all new features will be avalible soon.

Best regards

2011/7/6 Nicola >

Hi Pere,
sorry if i write directly to you but i can't fix the problem even
though i posted on LAU.
I want to use only open source software for my works and your eq10q
is an important one.
I use Ubuntu-studio 10.04 with Ardour 2.8.11 on my PackardBell mh36
laptop (intel 2core t4200, 3 gb ram).
i took eq10q from Autostatic's ppa and He said he compiled it using
against the newer libpaq (lv2-c++-tools) library.

When i stop playback ,during my mixing session, dsp increases to 100 %.
This it causes me a lot of xrun in jack...
If i disable the eq10q in many tracks everything come back to normal.
Any suggestion about that ?

I'd like to donate something to your project but i
can't find any donate button here:
Can you show me a way to do that ?
Thanks in advance

Pere R

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