Re: [LAU] Applying effects when recording electric guitars: before or after recording?

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Date: Thursday, July 7, 2011 - 1:01 pm

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This is the answer to what the so called pros do, if possible, when they
piece together pop music.



Nonsense, if you wish to produce particular sound you need particular
effects. Not all choruses, wha-whas etc. are equal.

Nonsense. Discrete circuits have responding qualities that can't be
emulated. You're writing that for "room/ampli/microphone placement"
there are issues, but not regarding to effects? I guess you're referring
to the room, to the responding qualities of a microphone etc.. This
can't be emulated today, correct. But why do you think that software is
able to emulate discrete circuits? It's the same issue, e.g. the
responding quality of the circuit. Even the sound some microchips do
generate can't be emulated, e.g. by CEM microchips.

All Germans eat Sauerkraut, all Italians eat Spaghetti, all amateur
guitarists are interested in new stuff, but pros stick to old tools.
It's the other way around, pros test new stuff a long time before
amateurs just hear about it.


Latency? Hm? You might be right, but usually latency is that low, that
it doesn't matter and some old digital devices, e.g. the Yamaha SPX 90
II, with an unique sound might have longer latency. A lot of effects are
a mix of the clean sound and an anyway delayed signal. Regarding to
latency I tend to disagree.

> Message: 30

Jeremy +1, but the question was, what the pros do and pros don't do
homerecording, when they do professional work.

Btw. for some kind of music there isn't the need to use a valve amps or
any amp, it's possible to play the guitar directly to the mixing
console, OTOH it's more fun to play by an amp, even if the sound isn't
needed for the recording, it's better for the feeling. We shouldn't
confuse response with latency.

2 Cents,


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