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Date: Sunday, July 31, 2011 - 3:48 am

We are on about putting documentary material in
loop in specific radio (webradio) stations.
People can hear some radios, do a live mix,
resulting on a new webradio station (link).

This was done twice (or three times, dont recall)
here in Brasil as a national activitie, always on saturdays:

We called it 'collective and diffuse webradio' (translated from
Brazilian Portuguese), or simply 'diffuse webradio'.

I like the idea of putting Wikileaks stuff. Maybe
do a special session on it or always have some wikileaks
audio material.

A special on the 'Collateral Murder' audio (from video)?

ps. this is not only for documentary material, some musical mixes
can be done. We cannot count on sync afaik...

Some PD patches were made for live mixing bunch of webradios.

Using Rivendell or Airtime are possibilities not yet explored afaik.

This sounds really interesting. :-)

2011/7/30 Dan Graham

GNU/Linux User #479299
skype: fabbri.renato
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